From the recording Quest for Redemption (Abridged)

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© & ℗ 2010 / 2024 Arjay Sharp
Instrumentation, Vocals - Arjay Sharp


She was a lie my heart believed
‘Cause I needed to
A beautiful sky my wounded wings
Just had to fly into

Like an aurora over Hollywood
Wondrous but out of place in my life
Jesus calls says it’s no good
Come on home to your wife

No, no this time I know I gotta go
Oh, is she real? I just feel I must know

Over an hour late with lunch
But she was forgiving
Up in her tower we only touched
On topics of living

We talked about love and relationships
Debated our views on pleasure & pain
Avoiding my wine’s last sip
Knowing we may never meet again

Oh! Oh this time, I know I must let go
Oh! Was she real? I just needed to know
I just needed to know

She casually called herself depraved
But warm and pure was her farewell
In her arms all night I could’ve stayed
But likely not unless I had paid her well

Oh, over time I know I will let go
Oh, for all that I feel, she was more real
Than I needed to know
More real than I needed to know