A Classic Pop/Rock Revivalist

Arjay finds inspiration in the diverse works of Toto, Billy Joel, Coldplay, and other pop/rock legends. Raised on 80s country, pop, and classic rock, he offers a fusion of nostalgia and current styles, aiming to blend the depth of classic favorites with the energy of today's adult contemporary.

His lyrics share heartfelt stories that often explore strained relationships, unrequited love, and the hope found in new beginnings. His arrangements underscore a song's topic or mood, like his homage to Billy Joel's catalog in "Delusions" with use of piano, harmonica, and saxophone (special guest Richie Cannata), and his winks to a lover's Celtic heritage by collaborating with The Devil's Brigade.

Hoping to help revive classic rock in a modern context, he invites listeners to enjoy his songs not only as singles but as chapters of a concept album's story arc, such as 2014's "Tough & Tender Lessons" and his upcoming album "Quest for Redemption".

Arjay grew up in the Bay Area and currently resides in Colorado Springs CO.

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